EducExpert can offer you the formation you need in the language of your choice!

We already offer a multilingual contents in French, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese.
Distance learning: a solution close at hand .

EducExpert is here to guide you through the learning process. We develop distance learning modules that are simple and flexible. We also have our own information sharing and management tools (LMS). Find out for yourself why our training services are so popular.

Our courses

All over the world, thousands of students enjoy the benefits of our stimulating teaching methods, which are of outstanding quality. We currently offer a wide range of courses in the field of fire safety and civil protection, making optimum use of the latest information technology.

The company

With over ten years of experience and know-how, EducExpert has branched out into the Canadian, French, Swiss and South African markets. The company works alongside strategic players in the public and private sectors. This means that we are constantly able to demonstrate our professionalism by responding to the needs of international markets.


The fire safety sector

By listening to experts in the field, we have gained a firm understanding of what is required when it comes to training for the fire services. Over the years, EducExpert has trained thousands of firemen, becoming the leading e-learning company in that field.


So that you can take a look at the training products we provide, here are a few examples of our courses for you to try out at your leisure.